Massage Therapy for Managing Workplace Stress

Massages are not only limited to luxury spas and health clubs. You have access to massage therapy in clinics, hospitals. Some business centers like Google offer massages to their employees at work, so they remain energetic and fresh to perform efficiently and add to the progress of the company. Massage can do much more than relieving pains and soothe sore muscles. It is only a matter of understanding that massage therapy is just like a moment of relaxation and enhance the overall physical and emotional well-being. There are different types of massage therapies; such as:

Acupressure Point Massage
Aromtic Oil Massage
Swedish Massage
Sports Massage


  • John Snow Posted 30/03/2016 11:22 AM

    Good point! I’ll do that when I have a break at work !

    • Martha Stewart Posted 30/03/2016 11:23 AM

      Just what I needed, thanks you!

  • Jessica Brown Posted 30/03/2016 11:24 AM

    Massage is a great way to spend time.

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